Student Assembly is an online resource hub for both students and teachers. Our website is great source of content for anyone within the educational bubble, including students and teachers looking for jobs or seeking advances in their career.

Find everything you need — analysis, the latest news and services for the educational community.

Since we opened our website to the public, we have not wavered from our mission of delivering quality content that informs readers about all things education, while providing essential services and tools to help students and teachers be the best versions of themselves.

Our Vision

We want to see a new world of learning based on the truth that continual improvement of education is the key to building a better community. By equipping our teachers and students, we build a world of ambition, creativity and inspiration supported by experience and evidence.

How do we equip our readers?

Our website is rich in resources that implement the following transformational strategies:

  • Integrated studies. To increase retention and engagement, we present academic subjects in an interdisciplinary fashion that reflects modern society and knowledge. Find articles that interweave art, science, literature and history with images, text and sound.
  • Project-based learning. Project-based learning content helps students retain and develop useful knowledge of subjects often taught in abstraction and isolation.
  • Teacher development. The human touch is essential to education. We create content for the benefit of teachers and administrators, how they can guide and coach their students through the learning process, nurturing students’ confidence and interests.

Grow in the world of education with the right resources. We hope you find the content you need to be a better teacher or student.

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